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Welcome to our store Blog

  • Posted on
  • By Chris Z
Welcome to our store Blog

So many changes going on! (this will be a little long)


Here we sit on our little planet, having gone through some strange and dire times. Still, we are here and we are elated that you are as well.

Five+ years of innovating new leagues and rewards systems have taught us some lessons and given us a new direction to pursue, while revisiting and retaining some things that have worked in the past.

The Round Table Games NEW and ALL-INCLUSIVE Joust League

(or “Onward to Glory!”)

We have a league for any game you want to play; board games,  Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, RPG' name it!.
League membership gets you points for playing games, more for winning them, and even points for painting your models!.

  • You will earn points for various things
    • Every time you play a game with other Joust League members you earn points, whether at the store, at home, at a friends or even online!
    • For board and card games just fill out the result form and submit a screenshot or pic of the end game.  For RPG's just make a post on our message boards about your game session (in and/or out of character).  For painting just fill out the model form and submit a pic of the painted/ based model that you purchased at Round Table Games.
    • Points for board and card games will be based on the complexity and average length of a game.  The winner gets additional points.  RPG post points will be based on length of post.  If you purchased a copy of the physical game or a RPG book from Round Table Games you will get extra points.  Painted models submitted must have been purchased from Round Table Games.  Knights of the Inner Circle earn additional points.

Round Table Games Knights of the Inner Circle

(our VIP program)

  • Being a VIP Knight of the Inner Circle offers you several advantages (all below are included for $25/month)
    • Each month you sign up for Knights you get either a free Grail card (worth 11 standard snacks), a card worth a 15% discount on 1 item during that month, or RPG sessions cost $5 instead of $10
    • Knights earn double points on $ spent
    • Knights receive an automatic 15% discount on pre-orders,special orders, and full boxes (the standard discount is 10%).  Knights that use 100 points increase that discount to 20%.
    • Knights can reserve table space up to 1 month in advance
    • Knights can choose up to 5 different games and automatically have the latest versions of the games ordered for them as they come out.
    • When we have limited quantity releases Knights will be notified 1 day before the general public and will have the ability to pre-order the items ( in the case of allocation fulfillment will be based on earliest pre-orders first, with full refunds going to anybody who was unable to receive product)
    • Access to limited promos for various games
    • For Round Table Games Joust League
      • Knights can join the monthly Round Table Games Joust League for $5 / month instead of $10
      • Knights earn extra points for playing Joust League games
    • For Round Table Games Realm-Builder
      • Knight’s starting hovels in Round Table Games Realm-Builder earn 1 point per month
    • For Round Table Games RPG sessions
      • 1 free re-roll per session
      • +10% earned XP
      • Gain access to optional rules (Unearthed Arcana, Dragon Magazine, Gong Farmer Gazette, etc.)


The Round Table Games Loyalty Programme
(or “The care and feeding of our little kingdom”)

Like any loyalty program the goal is to reward you for making purchases. We also wanted to incorporate a way of staying engaged with Round Table Games, even when you can’t physically be in the store.  The pandemic has taught us that that is not always up to us.

Don’t worry. Any rewards you have earned so far will be converted to our new program.

We now have a Loyalty Program portal that you can access via a webapp on your phone, tablet or computer.  You will be able to track your points total, cash in rewards and see when you earn rewards.  We can also manage it for you from our side.  It just requires a cellphone and/or email address for you to be able to access your rewards,

  • You will earn points for various things
    • 1 point per 10 Round Table Gold brought in
    • 1 point for every $ spent in the physical or online store.  Knights of the Inner Circle (our VIP program) earn double points
    • 100 points for signing up for the program
    • 100 points on your birthday (as long as you filled that date in on your membership page)
    • 100 points for every new customer you refer to our store (they must also sign up for the Loyalty program and make a minimum $10 purchase)
    • 100 points for creating a Round Table Games Realm-Builder page
    • Round Table Games Joust League members earn points just for playing games, even at home and on line!
    • Our new Round Table Realm-Builder experience will offer upgrades that will allow you to earn points and in-game benefits (more as it is developed)
    • We may offer points for participating in certain programs, tournaments, or events
    • We may offer periodic points based on overall place in the League
    • Look for new Rewards to be added as we create them
  • You can spend points on various things
    • 1 point gets you a CCG bulk single with a value of less than $1.00
    • 50 points earns you a re-roll of a D20 in one of our RPG sessions
    • 50 points gets you a free standard drink or snack
    • 100 points gets you a free premium drink or snack
    • 100 points earns you a 10% discount on a single non-discounted item.  If the item is a full box or case of product (most often in the case of collectible card games), the discount increases to 15% as we offer a standard 10% discount on those items. Active or former military/ first responders/ teachers/ seniors always get a 5% discount on all physical products without spending any points. 
    • 250 points forces the GM to re-roll a D20 in one of our RPG sessions
    • 500 points gets you $5 off a session/ tournament/ table space fee
    • 500 points earns you a 10% discount on an entire order (product only)
    • Upgrades in our Round Table Games Realm-Builder (more info as it is developed)

The Round Table Games On-line Shoppe

(or “I would like to buy some things from you but pay while wearing my comfy pajamas”)

We have had an online store for some time but, as many of you have noticed, it is not an accurate reflection of our stock.  It was a separate entity from our Point of Sale system and had to be maintained manually. Our new shop is directly synced with our systems,  will reflect in-store stock status, and more accurately represent what products we have to offer.

Please check back often as we are adding items on an almost daily basis.  It will take a while to fully integrate our inventory, and we are working on improvements (for example the ability to add out-of-stock items to a wish list.)


Round Table Games RPG Sessions(e)
(or “Let’s roll initiative”)

  • Our RPG sessions cost $10 per 3-hour event.  We have cut down our table size and increased spacing due to the Pandemic.
    • Knights of the Inner Circle have an option to make their table fees $5 per session for the month, and get a free re-roll per game, along with other benefits (see the Knights of the Inner Circle section)
    • There is a $5/ session surcharge if you do not reserve your seat at least 1 day in advance
  • Games played earn you points if you are a member of our Joust League
  • You get a +1 to any roll if your mini matches your class/race and another +1 if it is painted
  • You get a free-roll per game if you have bought a system-correct core book or source book from Round Table Games

Round Table Games Table Space
(or “We are sure we are not sick”)

  • Table space is available by reservation in 3-hour chunks for $10 per player (max. ff 5 players)
    • We have standard tables, round tables, standing tables and a separate store area with an additional hepa filter system which can be reserved for the same amount (first-reserved/ first-served)
    • You have access to our terrain and minis selections (please care for them appropriately)
    • Knights of the Inner Circle have an option to make their table fees $5 per session for the month, along with other benefits (see the Knights of the Inner Circle section)
    • Points can be used to further reduce the fee
    • Once the pandemic crisis has passed table space for non-RPG purposes will go back to being free,


Most importantly we value you, our loyal customers and friends, who have seen us through these uncertain times.  We will play as much as we can together, in the hopes that soon the sound of laughter and merry-making will drown out all worldly concerns, at least while it may.

We bid you peace, love, and fun.

Alex, Candi, Chris, and Zach
Round Table Games


And here are our February Knights of the Inner Circle:

Thank you for being you!
We impatiently await the chance to play games with you again, but also want to help keep everyone safe.

We send you our love,
Candi & Chris

Our Calendar of Events Link

All open times are available for table/ tournament reservations

Regular Games Links

Mondays:6pm D&D 5E

Tuesdays:6pm AD&D 1E

Wednesdays:6pm coming soon

Thursdays 6pm Pathfinder 2

Fridays 6pm coming soon

Saturdays12pm Starfinder 3pm

Sundays112pm Hackmaster 4E

Looking for a game during the day?  Let us know!  We'll play with you and/or, if we get enough people interested will schedule a daytime RPG weekly session, tournament or league.

Upcoming special events through March

3/6 Pokémon Battle Styles Build & Battle kit pick-up starts

3/15 or 3/19 Pokémon Battle Styles release
3/16 Dungeons and Dragons RPG: Candlekeep Mysteries release
3/19 Magic: The Gathering Time Spiral Remastered release
3/26 Magic the Gathering CCG: Challenger Deck release 

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