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Shipping & returns

Please make sure you know whether you are ordering a physical product or a game session.

Our default is in-store or curbside pick up only. Shipping has to be arranged for prior to purchase, and is not available for limited products. 

If a transaction needs to be refunded for any reason other than product return, there will be a handling fee charged.

In the case of gaming sessions, please make sure you have coordinated with us a day and a time so you can be accurately.


Return Policy
*Returns are accepted within 30 days from purchase with a receipt. Returns will be made in the original form of payment or store credit. Returned items must be in unopened condition. Opened product cannot be returned. At store's discretion special orders can only be returned for store credit at 50% of price paid.  The possibility of special order return will vary by product.  All sales on single cards, used books, custom minis and collectible figures are final.  At the discretion of Round Table Games special orders and pre-ordered product may be non-refundable.


Pre-Orders and Special Order Policy

* Special orders may require a deposit of 50%.  Full payment is required to enjoy any sort of discount.

* Some items may experience a price change.  You will be responsible for any price increases, but will be given the option upon notification of cancelling your pre-order.
*Unpaid for items will be held 7 days from notification of receipt of items. After 7 days they will be returned to inventory, at the discretion of Round Table Games.

Items with a 50% deposit will be held for 30 days from notification of receipt of item. After 30 days they will be returned to inventory.


Store Credit

Store credit (not to be confused with gift cards and gift certificates) is for use on purchase of product only. It may not be used on Tournament Entry, Table Fess or services. Store Credit use can not exceed 50% of total pre-tax purchase. Rewards are not transferable. Program subject to change at owners discretion. Points and credit are not redeemable for cash.  Gift cards are not restricted by store credit limitations.

← Return to the back office    We are still open but are in the process of disabling our Ecom store. Please call us at 508-465-1671 or email [email protected]. Our physical store is here to stay.. Any orders placed will not be honored or fulfilled Hide