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  • Dungeons & Dragons Gary Gygax Day

Gary Gygax Day

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Join DM Chris for an all day long adventure. Details will be revealed when you arrive...

What is it ?

Gary Gygax day is a day-long celebration of a man who touched our lives and the games we play. 

It is in his name that we venture forth on this day.

It doesn't matter if he was a good man, or who did what for this hobby. 

We commemorate what this hobby means to and has done for us, and we thereby make it our day as well.

Join me for adventure.

When is it ?

Thursday, July 27 starting at 12pm

What does it cost?

The only way to guarantee a seat is to pre-pay prior to the day of the event. The event fee in this case is $30, but can be reduced by using RTG Reward Cards or as an option for Knights of the Inner Circle.

If you pay the event fee the day of it is $5 higher than normal

Seats will be filled in the order they are paid for (and in the order in which people arrive)

The only way to guarantee a seat is to prepay here

What do you get?

  • Everyone gets to have RPG fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.
  • Everyone gets up to 9 hours of gaming entertainment/ education
  • Everyone gets 2 entires in our monthly drawing (Knights get an extra one)
  • Knights of the Inner Circle are given a chip each session which is good for either 1 re-roll or forcing the DM to re-roll
  • You get a +1 chip for every $10 you spend. These can be spent at any time, as long as you do not increase a roll beyond what the die could achieve, and it does not trigger "natural" rolled results.

As long as you are a member of our free rewards program, you are automatically entered into a free monthly drawing.

You get 1 entry

  • each time you play in an RPG
  • if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle
  • for every $50 you spend at Round Table Games
catalog / in store play